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C&G Arms LLC

Work Freeport Rd Natrona Heights PA Work Phone: (724) 858-2856Cell Phone: (412) 445-3866 Blog: candgarms.com Website: candgarms.com


C&G Holsters

The cornerstone of C&G Holsters is and has always been uncompromising quality and unwavering attention to detail. Founder Christopher J. Burns’ personal philosophy of strict adherence to the highest quality control standards, never letting any C&G holster leave the production line unless it was 110% perfect and treating customers and retailers with respect and fairness has been the recipe for C&G’s remarkable growth, expansion, and success.

Founded in 2008 by Christopher J. Burns, C&G Arms, LLC offers a wide variety of firearms courses to shooters of all skill levels. Whether you are a person contemplating the purchase of a firearm, a first-time firearm owner or the Law Enforcement Officer seeking to hone their skills to achieve a tactical edge in the field, C&G Arms has a class for you. We provide men and women with the knowledge and resources that will allow them to become safe, confident and proficient firearms owners.

At C&G, all training is safety first and hands on. Our student-to-instructor ratio is, on average, 4:1. All of our instructors are Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers and/or professional competitive shooters.  The C&G instructor cadre are certified through the NRA, Pennsylvania State Police, Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission (MPOETC), United States Military and many other Government and respected originations.




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