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Guardian Point

Work Phone: (800) 830-6201 Website: guardian-point.com


Guardian Point


Guardian Point’s staff is comprised of canine trainers, handlers and veterinarians from law enforcement and elite military special operations units. Forged in the crucible of thousands of K9 deployments both domestic and foreign, our knowledge and experience is unmatched in the market today. Guardian Point’s real-world experience in tactics, canine apprehension, and detection provides clients with reliable, life-saving capability that they can count on.


Guardian Point is dedicated to providing organizations with the highest quality working dog teams in the world, teams that can operate in any type of situation, in any environment, under any circumstances. Guardian Point supports this mission by providing multiple services including reality-based training, high-quality equipment, contracted services and assistance with research and development projects.


Guardian Point was incorporated in 2014 to provide clients with a broad range of innovative canine capabilities to meet the security and detection needs of the modern world. As kidnappings, terrorist attacks and bomb threats continue to make headlines, the founders of Guardian Point realized they had the skills to meet these challenges. These skills revolve around harnessing the canines’ natural abilities to provide force protection and hazard detection in any situation. Our goal is to train and equip capable canine teams that can operate independently in every environment imaginable.



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