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Gunner Kennels

Work 916 Airpark Center Drive Nashville TN 37217 United States Work Phone: (844) 486-6375 Website: gunnerkennels.com


Gunner Kennels® is a leading manufacturer of dog crates, and works to challenge industry standards with its innovative line of pet products.

Like some of the best stories, Gunner Kennels’ begins with a dog.

The idea for Gunner Kennels was conceived in a duck blind and inspired by my founder Addison Edmonds’ best friend, Gunner. Like all dogs, he has one mission in life, and that’s to please his owner. Addison always felt uneasy traveling with him in traditional plastic crates – and was tired of replacing flimsy ones year after year. Watching Gunner work in the field made him realize he wanted to produce a heavy-duty kennel with as much drive as he gave when retrieving. Addison wanted to build the world’s best dog crate.

Since that morning he is proud to say that Gunner Kennels has helped keep thousands of pets safe on the road – because every detail of this crate is designed and tested in real conditions, for the invested dog owner.

“Man’s Best Friend deserves MAN’S BEST KENNEL®.”
-Addison Edmonds, Founder

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