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Impact Dog Crates

Work 6672 Boekel Road Rathdrum ID 83858 United States Work Phone: (208) 687-4400 Website: impactdogcrates.com


Impact Dog Crates is the proud makers of the world’s most secure, strongest, and safest aluminum dog crates!

Impact Dog Crates are made by the “Impact Case” division of Heater Craft Marine Products, Inc., a family-owned business located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in North Idaho. Their employees love the natural beauty of the outdoors and their dogs are always part of the many activities the area provides, be it hiking, boating, hunting or just watching sunsets. Their employees make your dog crates just as if they were making the crates for their own dog.

The first product originated in the garage of Michael Bailey, the company’s President. Bailey created a heater with flexible tubing for boats so that customers could stay warm in their boat, dry off after water skiing and prolong their time on the water. Now these heaters can be found on ATV, UTV, golf carts and other outdoor vehicles.

All of Impact Dog Crate’s products are made from high-grade aluminum to create durable but lightweight crates, letting you rest assured that your dog will be protected, safe, secure and comfortable. This is their vision and they are dedicated to this goal. They have also developed a fan system for their crates to cool your dog on hot days. This product innovation and continuous improvement is important to their growth and customer satisfaction.

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