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K-9 Pipeline Training Academy

Work 35139 Nashua Blvd Sorrento FL 32776 United States Work Phone: (352) 552-4855 Website: k9pta.com


K9 Pipeline Training Academy, LLC teaches students the process of pipeline leak detection using dogs to accurately locate leaks in buried natural gas and oil pipelines.

K9 Pipeline Training Academy is the original and only experienced K9 pipeline leak detection training school with over 10 years of actual experience performing pipeline leak detection using dogs. Graduates from our program are put in a position to perform successful leak detection jobs and as a member of our sister company, K9 Pipeline Leak Detection Association, we refer all of our graduates to jobs on those calls that still come into us for pipeline leak detection.

K9PTA courses will put you in a position to provide K9 pipeline leak detection to the oil and natural gas industries. You will learn the skills necessary to start your own business and be in a position to provide services throughout the U.S., Canada, and Worldwide.

You will benefit from their industry experts, K9 pipeline leak detection trainers as you go through the comprehensive program and develop a team ready for deployment.

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