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Work 3 Church Circle Suite 366 Annapolis MD 21401 United States Work Phone: (410) 990-1199 Website: scentlogix.com


ScentLogix produces the world’s finest K9 scent-training aids for the detection of explosives, guns, narcotics, mold, and bed-bugs.

ScentLogix™ is the arm of Polymath Interscience (Π) earmarked for the commercialization of tools and products realized from its technological innovations in the cross-science area of biological olfaction and scent detection, and for the application of these tools to issues pertaining to environmental and public health and safety, human ailment detection, social justice, and in preserving the security of the nation, its citizenry and infrastructure.

ScentLogix™ brand products and K9 training doctrine are driven by our R&D activities in biological olfaction and the convergence of these activities with psychological elements of biological detection such as scent perception, generalization and recognition, and those psychosocial elements embodied within behavior-conditioning training processes.

Our “convergent science” approach uses the olfactory prowess of canines as the underpinnings to foundational R&D investigations in biological olfaction and olfaction-based detection. Additionally, our in-house expertise in physics, chemistry, statistics, philosophy and applied computing are applied towards the design and fabrication of sensory arrays, logic, and pattern recognition systems for those emerging electronic detection platforms and for cross-instrumentation and multi-platform data fusion processes.

Our consultancy services are world class, and we assist in the conceptualization, design, placement, and utility of equipment and infrastructures pertaining to K9 programs and other facets of homeland security, worldwide.

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