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USA K-9 Dog Toys

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Natural, durable dog toys made in the USA.

At USA K-9 Dog Toys they believe that their choices define them. They’re not just a company driven by the bottom line. They’re committed to doing business in ways that are good for people and the planet, not to mention your dog.

Have you ever noticed that nearly all dog toys are made in China? The truth about low-cost overseas manufacturing is that there are hidden costs: costs to the environment, the labor force, and the product itself. Developing nations have lower labor and environmental standards than the USA. A decision to manufacture overseas is a choice to take advantage of those lower standards, and to get around American standards.

All USA K-9 Dog Toys products are manufactured in the USA.

  • They comply with USA environmental standards, which are among the highest in the world.
  • They comply with USA labor standards, paying a fair wage and providing safe working conditions.
  • They produce in our primary market. Rather than shipping China-made products halfway around the world, we produce right here in the USA. By reducing transportation we reduce greenhouse gases and save energy.
  • They maintain quality control with an on-site presence.
  • They provide local jobs.

USA K-9 Dog Toys thinks it matters what you put in your dog’s mouth. That’s why they use natural rubber. Natural rubber comes from trees and is a renewable resource. Their natural rubber compounds contain only FDA-compliant ingredients that are safe for your dog.

Don’t be fooled by other brands that call their material rubber. More often than not, these toys are made from TPR – thermoplastic rubber which comes from petroleum, a material that will never biodegrade.

They also believe in giving back. Their “Rescue2“ program donates products to dog shelters in the communities where they do business.

USA K-9 Dog Toys’ choices define them. Their products are good for you, your dog, and the planet.

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