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ViaGen Pets

Work 715 Discovery Blvd. Suite 410 A Cedar Park TX 78613 United States Work Phone: (888) 876-6104 Website: viagenpets.com


ViaGen Pets is committed to the health and well-being of each and every dog with whom they work. That commitment is the foundation of every effort they make. ViaGen Pets’ team includes leading scientists, who believe that moving the promising and exciting area of animal genetic research forward will benefit all animals. They understand and respect the unique love that clients have for their pets and are dedicated to delivering outstanding service and results.

Dog cloning through ViaGen Pets presents an opportunity for dog owners to open a new window for extending their relationships with their beloved pets. Dogs provide a unique form of companionship, loyalty, and love. It is difficult for many dog owners to imagine life without their dog. Indeed, many dogs become a member of the family. At ViaGen Pets, many of us are loving dog owners ourselves and we understand intimately the nature of these relationships. ViaGen is a world leader in animal cloning. Our scientists have been developing successful animal cloning and reproductive technology for over 15 years. Our parent company, TransOva Genetics, was started by a small group of veterinary scientists and has been developing the science behind these practices for over 30 years. We have produced thousands of happy, healthy cloned cows and hundreds of cloned horses, among other animals. The same practices and expertise that underlie these successes are now being brought to dog cloning through ViaGen Pets. Our vision at ViaGen Pets is to continue to develop and grow the science so that dog cloning is available to all dog owners.

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