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Ask the Trainers

Do you have a K9 training or equipment question? Ask our trainers!

Are you stuck in an area of training with your working dog? Is there a specific detail he or she’s not grasping? Are you struggling with certain behaviors you just can’t quite figure out how to channel or resolve? From state-of-mind to nutrition to the many degrees of behavior and the varying elements of training, our trainers can help. Simon and Kimberly’s combined backgrounds cover the entire gamut of training and behavior allowing them to help to guide you.

Submit our trainers a question by filling out the form below. If necessary, please provide a brief explanation of the issue you are having with your K9. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to Working Dog Magazine and to our e-newsletter to see if your question has been chosen. Please note that not all questions can be selected, and due to the large volume of questions we receive, it is unfortunately not possible to respond directly to all questions submitted. Thank you for your understanding.

Meet the Trainers

Simon Prins is known for introducing operant conditioning to the police K9 training world. For the last 25 years, he has skillfully trained and purposed dogs for special operation missions. He has mastered the art of using robotics and sensors with dogs to perform such missions successfully. Prins has titled and trained countless dogs and trainers from special units across the globe while firmly believing that science can significantly improve our work with dogs. Prins is a well-known speaker, author, innovator, animal trainer, and behaviorist. Currently, Prins is working with the Netherlands Police Agency.
Kimberly Artley is the founder of PackFit, a dog training and behavior company in the Washington, DC Metro Area, and the author of the book, “My Dog, My Buddha.” Her background in nutrition, human psychology and behavior blends seamlessly with her work in canine health and behavior to offer the most well-rounded and effective approach to a wide spectrum of challenges. Everything is interconnected, each influencing the next. She’s studied under many of the greats in the dog training world, has written for several blogs and magazines, and is also co-editor for the Not a Bully campaign and mission.

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