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The Canine Athlete

4 Simple Ways to Enhance Working Dog Fitness

By Erica Boling, PhD

When it comes to enhancing fitness for working dogs, I’ve seen two major roadblocks that frequently prevent people from taking action. First, many people don’t have the knowledge and skills that are needed to safely design fitness programs that enable their dogs to reach peak performance. Second, most people are so overwhelmed with the demands of their day-to-day jobs and family lives that they struggle to find time to condition their dogs optimally.

What if I told you that there are four quick and easy ways to enhance your dog’s current fitness level? What if I told you that some of them require no additional time, and you could begin implementing them today? All you need is a bit of information and some self-initiative. If your dog is healthy, injury free, and experiencing no soreness or pain, there is no reason you can’t start making changes right away to enhance their overall fitness.

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