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Step Away From the Scale

By Marissa Oliver

Losing weight can be a frustrating and sometimes difficult process. For the majority of us, it will require dedication in the gym, discipline with what we are putting in our mouth, and generally just saying yes to a lot of things we’d rather say no to. For many, it also entails a daily ritual of jumping on the scale and using that number as a measure of our success and how we feel about ourselves. One of the biggest challenges in dieting is the ability to stay motivated, and there is no bigger motivational killer than the scales. We are an image-based society constantly exposed to social media and million-dollar advertising campaigns, and we like to attach a moral value to weight loss/gain. This can fuel our need to compare and contrast how well we are measuring up against others, and easily lead to discouragement and for many, quitting altogether. The reality is, there are multiple reasons that factor into why the numbers on the scale move and why you should refrain from weighing daily until you have a better understanding of what is going on in regard to your weight.

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