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Police dogs in Madrid, Spain, are experiencing a new way to cope with their stressful duties: classical music therapy.

These brave canines deal with a lot of pressure on a daily basis, particularly those in La Sección Canina de Policía Municipal, a police dog unit that specializes in detecting explosives and narcotics, and participating in rescue missions. The unit is a pioneer in police canine work, particularly in Spain, and consists of 22 dogs. For a city as big as Madrid, that’s a lot of work, even for such talented dogs!

For that reason, the Policía Municipal is refurbishing the dogs’ quarters with air-conditioning for the summer, heating for the winter, and classical music several times a day, a technique also known as the “Mozart effect.” The police department says that it has used this technique before and that it has been successful in reducing stress levels in listeners – even dogs.