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SOURCE: floridatoday.com
A police dog helped save a suspect’s life after a drug bust in Cocoa last month, police said.

Cocoa Police Department’s rookie K9 Kyra sniffed out a stash of drugs during a traffic stop Feb. 28 that led to a man being hospitalized for a drug overdose, said police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez.

Adam Eichenlaub, 37, of Cocoa, was stopped after police received reports of a vehicle driving the wrong way on the highway. The officer who initiated the stop called for a K9 unit when he suspected drugs were in the vehicle.

Eichenlaub was transported to a local hospital after falling down during the stop. Hospital staff were alerted to the drug find, Martinez said.

They were later able to determine he was experiencing an overdose.

“If it hadn’t been for Kyra, the officers, and the total circumstances involved, this man may not have gotten the help he needed,” Martinez said.

In Eichenlaub’s vehicle, officers said they found crack cocaine and three pills of amphetamine.

“Not a bad day at the office for this rookie lady K9!” Martinez said.

The 3-year-old German shepherd, who joined Cocoa’s four-dog drug detection unit last year, is the department’s first female K9.