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SUWANNEE COUNTY, Fla., (WCJB) — After the Suwannee and Alachua County Sheriff’s Fffices searched for Ruben Gutierrez, also known as Ricardo Fuentes, wanted for the murder of his girlfriend, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office brought in help to bring the manhunt to an end.

“They had exhausted their K9s and bloodhounds from the prison the night before…” said Cheth Plaugher, a K9 handler for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, “So we deployed Huk inside the house, and Huk very quickly located an individual inside the house that ended up being the suspect so he did a really good job”

Although many sheriff’s office employees helped in the search, this officer’s award called for something a little different…Pup-Peroni and chew toys to be exact. Two-year-old K9 officer “Huk” found the suspect on the morning of May 30th, ending the manhunt that lasted for more than 24 consecutive hours of searching.