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SOURCE: kxlh.com
Coos County, OR (KPTV ) — A Coos County K9 officer who made headlines after he was attacked by a porcupine helped deputies capture a suspect who fled after he tried to hit a deputy in his vehicle Friday.

A porcupine in April stuck K9 Odin with more than 200 quills while he was on-duty trying to track a wanted suspect with several felony warrants.

Some of the 200 quills went into Odin’s mouth, and two landed near his left eye, according to the sheriff’s office. K9 Odin received veterinary care and was back in action after spending some time recovering at home.

The police dog Friday helped find a man the Coos County Sheriff’s Office says tried to crash into a deputy head-on in the Charleston area around 8:10 p.m.

According to the sheriff’s office, 47-year-old Larry Dean Ezekiel Andrews, of Coos Bay, attempted to flee in his vehicle after the attempted collision, leading the deputy on a short chase through a residential area that reached speeds of up to 65-miles-per-hour.

During the chase, the sheriff’s office says Andrews’ vehicle’s passenger tires went flat, forcing him to abandon the vehicle near Libby Lane and Crown Point Road and flee on foot into brush on the south side of the road.

The sheriff’s office says Andrews while fleeing fell off a 50-foot cliff. K9 Odin and his handler descended cliff and found him hurt and hiding in thick brush. Andrews broke his tibia and tore a number of ligaments and was treated at Bay Area Hospital, according to the sheriff’s office.

Andrews was arrested on an outstanding warrant and is being referred to the district attorney’s office on several new charges stemming from the vehicle and foot chase.

Deputies say this marks K9 Odin’s 83rd direct capture during his career with the sheriff’s office.

K9 Odin earlier this month was attacked by a porcupine again while he was assisting in a search for another suspect after a long vehicle pursuit.

The second attack occurred in the same location as the first, but Odin was only hit by four quills, according to deputies. It’s not clear if it was the same porcupine that attacked the dog previously.