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By Gregg Jones

In nearly three months, the new Franklin County K9 unit has been deployed 27 times.

Nearly half of those deployments have come with results.

“I think they are an asset to the citizens of Franklin County,” said Sheriff Steve Pelton. “It also has been an asset to other agencies.”

Beginning Sept. 9, Deputies Donnie Dunn and Tony Davis participated in a two-week training course in Midlothian, Texas, at Sector K9, where their dogs, Rollo and Dino, were trained.

Dino, a 14-month-old German shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix is paired with Dunn; and Rollo, an 18-month-old Belgian Malinois, is paired with Davis.

The new K9 units feature dual-purpose dogs, explaining that the animals are trained in “tracking and apprehension.”