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By Mike Bowen
SOURCE: hindustantimes.com

The Lamar Police Department added a K9 unit to the police force. Spark began her first date of duty Oct. 1.

She is a detection dog and was trained to find narcotics, said Lamar Police Department Officer Tom Campbell, who is the handler for Spark. On her second day of duty, Oct. 2, she made her first find.

As of Oct. 31, Spark had 12 call-outs, with nine positive alerts with finds and three positive alerts without finds, Officer Campbell said.

“In that time, we’ve located 6.3 grams of meth and 20.3 grams of heroin,” said the officer. He further added that out of those finds, there were multiple arrests.

Spark is a 2-year-old mixed breed pit.

“She’s 100 percent go, go, go,” Campbell said. “She has a switch; home, she turns into a different dog where she just wants to run and play and chase, we put her in the car and she tones it down a little bit, she focusses on what her job is.”

Officer Campbell further commented that Spark has learned that when he has his uniform on, she knows they are going to go train or go to work.

Spark stays with Officer Campbell and he has a kennel for her in the house and outside and she is separated from the family pets, as she is a working dog.