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National UK K9 Memorial

Motivation Behind the Memorial

Police Dog Sabre by Paul Nicholls

I joined Essex Police Dog Section in 2000, a childhood dream. But I did so with my eyes wide shut and I think there was always an elephant in the room; one day my K9 partner would no longer be with me.

Sabre was never going to be the best or bravest police dog, but he was my dog. He’d been rescued from a traveler site where he’d been living in an abandoned car, and I wanted to make sure he had the best life possible. We’d been a team, I’d sent him into buildings looking for gunmen, into woods looking for knife men, he never argued or protested. He did it because I’d asked him to and he trusted me.

And then one day it happened. The day I’d been dreading but knew would come along.

The memorial is to be unveiled on April 12, 2019

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