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Issue 10 | July/August 2018



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  • Selecting a K9 Handler: Things a Department Should Consider – Jay Brock
  • Scenario Based Training: Role-Playing Aggressive & Passive Subject Engagement Issues – Jerry Bradshaw
  • Detection Training: Scent Cones and How Scent Moves – Dondi Hydrick
  • Featured Department: Maryland Heights Police Department Canine Unit
  • Canine Legal: Return to Ferguson – John M. Peters, Attorney at Law
  • K9 SWAT Deployment: Bakersfield Debrief – Brad Smith
  • Accelerant Detection Canines: An Arsonist’s Worst Nightmare is Man’s Best Friend – Heather Paul
  • Handler Fitness & Nutrition: Muscle Misfire — Why You Aren’t Building Muscle – Marissa Oliver
  • And much more!