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Issue 12 | November/December 2018


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  • The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.: Role of the K9 Unit Supervisor – Jay Brock
  • Vet Check: Conditioning Your Canine Athlete – Sean McPeck, DVM, CCRP
  • K9 SWAT Deployment: CS Gas Environments: Joplin (MO) Debrief – Adam Brannin & Nick Jimenez
  • Walking Point: The Story of a Marine and His Dog
  • Snapshot: K9 Duke Works the Streets of California – Sgt. Ed Soares
  • Canine Legal: Marijuana Legalization – Does K9 Need to Panic? – John M. Peters, Attorney at Law
  • The Canine Athlete: Enhancing Performance for Detection Dogs – Erica Boling, PhD
  • Handler Fitness & Nutrition: Step Away From the Scale – Marissa Oliver
  • And much more!