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Lesson in Leadership

A Question of Balance

By Phil Hansen

Each morning on my drive to work, I enjoy a strong cup of black coffee and say my prayers out loud in the car. It’s something I’ve done for years. Back before the days of cell phones and Bluetooth, passing motorists probably thought I was some kind of nut talking to myself in the car. Now I suppose I just look like any other guy engaged in a phone call. The morning drive is a relatively quiet period for me in which I can spend some time in reflection, express gratitude to God for my many blessings, and ask Him for a few things that I really care about.
After seeking His continued blessings for my family, I usually ask for the protection of my personnel, and for guidance as their leader. I often ask for the wisdom to make good decisions, for the courage and discipline to see them through when the course of action is difficult, and for the compassion to consider how my actions will affect others. Like most of us, I’m not equally gifted in the many attributes needed to be a good leader, so I’m continually seeking a sense of balance in the various traits and skills required for that role.

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