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Reprints & Permissions

Commercial use

Commercial newspapers, magazines and websites that wish to reprint a Working Dog Magazine article should contact our office at (636) 795-0530 or email karen@workingdogmagazine.com. To obtain permission, please indicate the name of the article, the author, and the issue in which the article appeared.

Non-Commercial use

Any reproduction of Working Dog Magazine (excerpt or full text) by nonprofit organizations or companies wishing to share information with their members or clients requires permission from us, whether for print or online usage.

To obtain permission, please submit a permission request form by emailing karen@workingdogmagazine.com, or contact:

Karen McKay, Executive Editor/Publisher
Working Dog Magazine
8407 Drover Lane
St. Louis, Missouri 63025

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, stories for which reprint permission is granted must be reproduced in their entirety, unedited, and accompanied by the following copyright statement and credit:

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION: Working Dog Magazine, www.workingdogmagazine.com