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Scenario Based Training

Role-Playing Aggressive & Passive Subject Engagement Issues

By Jerry Bradshaw

Patrol dogs encounter suspects of all kinds. They can be passive, aggressive, standing, seated, or prone on the back or belly, or partially obscured by brush, blankets, sheets, and may attempt to fend off police dogs with any type of object. We will look at two simple scenarios that could present challenges to a K9 team, whether experienced or not. Following from my last article in this series of scenario-based training, where I discussed skill transitions, these scenarios could be built into a larger scenario or used as stand-alone training.

When doing scenario training, it is critical for the K9 team and the backup, as well as the decoy suspects, to role-play effectively. This cannot be overstated, for the dog to be trained and exposed properly, as well for the concomitant safety of the handlers and backups as a result of that proper training and exposure. The scenarios presented here will highlight this importance because the very behavior of the decoy/suspect and backup will determine the success or failure of the K9 team in the real-life version of such an encounter.

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