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Police Fitness & Nutrition

Shift Tip: Dealing With Back Pain

By Sergeant Wilson Alequin

What’s the first thing cops complain about regarding aches and pains? If you said back pain, then you are correct my friend. Lugging around a 20lb + belt all the time while getting in and out of a patrol car really takes its toll on you. But how can you help battle this? (First, consult with your doctor). Then, build a strong a*s back, that’s how! Simple, no? Let me dive into this a bit.

More and more officers suffer from back injuries because we carry so much gear around our waists. We sit in our patrol car for extended periods of time and our belts press against our lower back the entire time. They say it’s best to distribute the weight around your belt evenly, but sometimes in doing that, it’s just not practical. For example, I keep gear away from the back of my belt to decrease back pain. But this causes a slight hunch forward in my walk that I have to constantly work on.

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