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SOURCE: fox43.com

STEELTON, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — Steelton Borough’s newest police officers are already proving their worth to the community.

The department’s first K9’s started patrolling the streets last month.

FOX43 met K9 “Noro”, a 13-month-old Belgian Malinois mix. “Noro” means crazy in Czech, but the only thing crazy about K9 Noro is how much he wants to serve the community.

“We ended up getting two canines, and the first K9 handler, he was a veteran handler. So, he knew what he was getting into. So, he picked the one that didn’t mean crazy and left me with Noro,” said Officer Cody Webster, K9 Noro’s handler. “After training went through, he’s, I mean, he’s calmed down. You can see. I mean, he listens well.”

Noro has, quite literally, hit the ground running. Chief Anthony Minium says he helped officers catch a drug dealer, who ran from police.

“He went on foot pursuit; he actually broke into a house, broke out a window and went into the window that was occupied, and the person… Noro tracked him down, got in, and quickly apprehended him,” said Chief Minium.

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