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New Delhi: With hands, torches, sniffer dogs and technology the rescuers conducted search operation after the blast in West Delhi’s Moti Nagar factory on Thursday. According to residents, the scene was horrific inside the destroyed building, injured were lying on a pool of blood and broken bones. “When the victims were taken out, they were not in the condition to speak and were just breathing,” said Ashok Kumar Jaiswal, Assistant Divisional Officer who led the team of more than twenty-five personnel from Delhi Fire Services (DFS) in the rescue operation. He further stated that before using any equipment through hands search was conducted under rubble and debris.

The fire officer further stated that combustible materials like spray paint found inside the floor. “In 15-20 minutes we rescued more than seven persons but a thorough search conducted for more than two hours,” said Jaiswal adding that torches used for the search. For the fire department, it was tough to enter the residential area, where the factory was running. “We left our fire tenders on the corner of the street and started walking to the spot,” said the fire department officer.

The NDRF used sniffer dogs and through wall life detector which can detect life and activities deep into rubble. Sniffer dogs also used by the team. Meanwhile, the residents claimed that after the blast for 15 minutes there was only dust. “We entered the factory and found bodies lying. Some of them lying with broken legs and some with head and chest injuries” said Palvinder Singh. The residents started to take out the trapped victims from the rubble. Another resident Pawan claimed that after the incident, power was cut and through mobile torches search started. Sanmeet Singh got an injury in his foot while carrying woman victim.