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By Evan Schreiber
SOURCE: tucsonnewsnow.com

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) – They are testing each pup’s potential, using a series of decision-making games, to get inside the mind of each canine that walks with its owner into the UA School of Anthropology building.

Inside Dr. Evan MacLean’s office and lab, on the University of Arizona campus, there is a fascination with furry friends.

“The public has been fascinated with dogs, basically, as long as humans have been around. Scientists, on the other hand, for a long time thought that dogs were sort of boring animals. They thought that dogs were this artificial creation and domesticated animal, and that if you were a self-respecting biologist you would go out and find a real animal to study,” Dr. MacLean said.

But that changed 20 years ago, by his estimation, with a resurgence of interest in canines.