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Vet Check

Feeding Practices for Your Working Dog

By Dr. Alexis Newman

When it comes to the best feeding for your K9, there is not just one answer. There are hundreds of foods to choose from and multiple factors to consider when making feeding decisions for your K9:

  • Is the food balanced and complete?
  • What type of work does your K9 do? Does it work infrequently? Or is it on the go most of the time, therefore requiring more calories?
  • When and how long are your shifts? Will your K9 be fed two equal meals, or will one be smaller than the other?
  • Is the food palatable to your K9?
  • Does your K9 do better on a particular diet?
  • Is your dog’s body condition good on the selected diet?
  • Is your dog’s coat healthy?
  • Is your K9’s stool normal on the selected diet?
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