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Walking Point

The Story of a Marine and His Dog

Always a writer at heart, RJ Nevens, Jr., was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1974. His interest in military working dogs stemmed from his love of the Doberman breed. Having Dobermans his entire adult life, RJ admires their stoic and loyal qualities. But, it wasn’t until a photograph surfaced on the internet that sparked the idea for RJ’s story.

“There was a picture posted online some time ago of a Navy SEAL, Jon Tumilson, and his dog Hawkeye. Jon died protecting our country and, from his funeral, a picture began to circulate. Hawkeye was laying at the side of John’s coffin. Although Hawkeye was his family pet and not a military working dog, one thing stood out. He was always faithful. That picture just did something to me.” 

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