X-Frame-Options: DENY
The thing about legal pot is that-particularly to a highly trained canine nose-it still smells like a Schedule 1 narcotic. Recreational pot use is legal in Colorado, Washington, Nevada, California and (soon) New Jersey. The movement will continue its steady state-by-state march. Yet to the drug-sniffing dogs staffing those states’ police departments and patrolling our border, the stuff smells same as ever.

“If that decision gets made for legalization,” said criminology professor and K9 training expert Charlie Mesloh, “It’s going to be a catastrophic change.” Here Mesloh refers to the specter of national legalization-a not-too-distant likelihood under a future presidential administration-because, with dogs currently in the field mostly trained on marijuana, “For most agencies, it’s going to be easier to pull the dogs off the road, even at the cost of $10,000 per dog.”